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VVREO was formed as a collaborative of economic development professionals representing the unique needs of their individual communities. Together these professionals and the work they do serve as vital economic resources for area businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. VVREO’s ongoing success is rooted in cooperative regional partnerships that represent all communities.

Addresses current needs for data analysis and research regarding VVREO priority initiative, attentive to local issues, attends community forums and meetings, primarily in the Verde Valley but also state wide where applicable, to garner information, interacts with elected representatives to discuss issues that impact the local business community and the general economy of the Verde Valley, and to promote research and initiatives produced by VVREO. 

Evaluates proposed loans in accordance with the USDA “detailed plan for the relending of loan funds” agreement, examines the effectiveness of the loan portfolio and is responsible for evaluation of loans, and loan administration, initial approval or disapproval of loans and general communication with clients.

Plans and executes all tasks and activities required to produce a special event.

Oversees the Board’s regional economic development strategic planning efforts establishing priorities and monitoring progress towards goals.

Generates awareness of the efforts of VVREO, provides guidance and creative ideas to best promote the Verde Valley as a premier location for economic development, encourages and assists the business communities to promote and market each other in a cooperative spirit and manner, releases statements on behalf of VVREO regarding current projects or economic development topics of regional interest, and provides oversight and input on the website and other needed collateral material.

Plans and executes all tasks and activities to: produce a slate of candidates to fill Board vacancies (Directors) and produce a slate of candidates for the Board Executive Committee and ensures that the identification and recruitment of potential Board prospects is ongoing throughout the year.

Oversees VVREO’s financial status, ensuring adequate funding for financial sustainability, ensures an appropriate organizational structure to meet long term strategic goals, reviews VVREO sponsorship materials, and identifies and solicits sponsors, explores other sources of funding, works with the Treasurer in preparing the revenue portion of the annual budget.

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